What if you died and slipped into another world?

A charming gangster, a rebellious soul, and a world full of secrets.

Mira wasn’t supposed to die at thirty-three. She wasn’t supposed to get thrown into another world, either – one where her earthly memories are judged to decide if she’s worthy of returning to her old life – but she has a plan.

There are rules. No magic, and no fraternizing with the handsome gangster who took particular interest in her. No politics. Better yet, no friends, in case things go wrong and someone gets sent to the island swarming with dragons.

It’s not long before Mira discovers she’s not the only one torn between worlds. Reunited with her best friend and running from a relentless enemy, Mira decides the rules aren’t going to work.

A delightful, magical page-turner from start to finish, The Magnificent Death of Mira Meadows is a remarkable story about the magic that can happen when life – and death – don’t go as planned. Get your copy now!

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About the author

Nadia Jovie is an author and first-generation American. At a young age, she found herself in a strange gap between cultures and has been writing her way out ever since. A hopeless sap, Nadia brings home too many dogs and throws touches of madness and magic into life and storytelling.